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Students with mobile phone screen size table compa

The newspaper news (reporter Hu Xiao correspondent Huang had) because classmates than the mobile phone screen size, a Kaixian middle school is high three student Wang,Christian Louboutin Pas cher, one word table quarrel will stab into the injured.
By the Kaixian procuratorate prosecution,Louboutin Pas Cher, yesterday, the court of first instance to voluntary manslaughter and sentenced Wang has three years imprisonment, suspended for five years.After the incident, Wang feel regret,Louboutin Outlet, to work in the field of the phone told.
In the parental persuasion, Wang to the local police station to surrender.The next day, Wang parents returned to Kaixian, to the wavelet parents apologize, also paid 40000 yuan of medical expenses.(the character in the text of a pseudonym) is a town with married rural women,Louboutin Outlet,Christian Louboutin Outlet, one is to rely on to sell blood life unemployed youth, age difference of 10 years, in the county.
Two people for a long time, ambiguous, in one night, women and youth relationship.When the middle-aged women are no longer willing to and young woman, young middle-aged women kill.In 17, in Yibin Changning County Detention Center, on suspicion of intentional killing his mistress suspects Tan Hua regret having done sth.
.Last year in December 29th at 5 pm,Louboutin, Changning County Public Security Bureau 110 Alarm Center received a report: "in the Public Security Bureau diagonally across the street who was killed."The police rushed to the scene of the crime.
I saw a middle-aged woman lying dirt, mouth, neck is full of blood......The police visits that, the man called Zhang Qin, 46 years old, Changning County, the Buddha to open people,Louboutin Pas Cher, city life with her husband.
The killing of a piano is an approximately 30 year young man.The investigation police found Zhang Qin in blood station next to house,Louboutin, and a man named Tan Hua close neighbors, two people system.December 30th at 1 am, Tan Hua in the rented house near the camp, was arrested police.
Tan Hua said, in the north of the city of Changning district station to their own rental housing, leisure to blood next to the teahouse drinking tea and playing cards.With the same rent with an upstairs neighbor Zhang Qin.
Yilaier to gradually increased, communication.With the increased number of contacts, a day of March 2009, mutual be liked Tan Hua and Zhang Qinchen when her husband went out, broke the boundary for two people, two people have sex.
In 2009 October, Zhang Qin attitude of indifference, not to Tan Hua, Tan Hua is very upset.The morning of December 29th,louboutin pas cher, Tan Hua said to Zhang Qin, "today the sun comes out, playing well, after lunch I wait for you in where.
"That day midday 1 when make, Tan Hua bought half a catty "made" to date a lot of small hillside Zhang Qin, had also brought a bottle of "DDVP" and a fruit knife.At 4 pm, Zhang Qin does not appear.By means of the wine, Tan Hua went to the house of Tan Hua Zhang Qin rented, said to Zhang Qin: "did not you say you are behind the house to rent?Take me to have a look!"Zhang Qintou did not carry, he replied: "you look at it!"See Zhang Qin is not willing to follow their own play, Tan Hua fly into a rage, produced to carry the fruit knife, on Zhang Qin's neck, mouth and back stab knife five, see Zhang Qindao on the ground, he abandoned the knife.
The process of escape in,Christian Louboutin Outlet, he fished out a portable "DDVP" drink, but not to be poisoned, until the very next day morning 11 when, he wake up slowly, creep back rent house about whether Zhang Qin died, there were some police caught red-handed.
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Men do not agree to break up to his girlfriend to strangle the s

In new network Yiwu on January 13 report (trainee reporter Dong Qi Chen Zhengming correspondent) because they do not agree with his girlfriend broke up in Zhejiang, Yiwu to make a living in the Yunnan youth Zou should kill, cruel cummer strangled in rental housing bathroom.
The local police received a report in only 7 hours of the arrest.At present, Zou has been under criminal detention.January 8th morning 8 when make, the Yiwu Municipal Public Security Bureau 110 command center receives a Qiusheng lady alarm says,Louboutin Pas Cher, her younger sister Qiu during the two days before being brutally murdered boyfriend Zou Zou has fled.
Miss Qiu told police in handling cases, small Qiu and Zou Moudou is Yunnan Zhenxiong person, two people fall in love for a few years.In late January 6th, she suddenly received small Qiu's short message, said Zou and she was in the house and moved by hand.
So she rushed to the rental housing to discourage them.Who knows the Zou Mouzheng holding a knife stuck in the bathroom door,Louboutin Pas cher, do not let your uncle and small Qiu a little sisters enter.Zou said, he and small Qiu in the bathroom and a small dispute, Qiu's head accidentally hit the wall fainted.
But when she bent into the bathroom, but found the small Qiu has not to breathe.At this time, look thoroughly ferocious of Zou put a knife to her neck, three people into the room and picked up the mobile phone.
The morning of January 8th, was in control of after two night, Miss Qiu found zoumou have not in the rental period, so hurry to find mobile phone alarm.Jie Jing, Yiwu police rushed to the scene, they're in the bathroom found small Qiu's body, neck has obvious strangulation marks.
Rapid detection, Yiwu police immediately set up a task group.Police in Hangzhou's coordination, that day afternoon 3 when make, Zou in Hangzhou area Yuhang Xianlin hotel was arrested.When arrested, Zou Mougang drink pesticide before long, have cut wrist.
He told the police to Hangzhou to see his girlfriend again, and then want to commit suicide.Zou account,Louboutin, he make a living in Yiwu for many years.The second half of last year, he took his girlfriend small Qiu in Yiwu opened a chess room, usually in chess room.
In January 3rd, he and a small Qiuyin trivial quarrel after moving the hand, small Qiu anger and ran out the door and down the words of separation.In January 6th,Louboutin Outlet, in the small Qiu to go situation, he will drag the small Qiu rental housing bathrooms, shower pipe connected with the throttle.
(end) the newspaper news (reporter Gan Hao Wang Jianing Intern Liu Zhenni Wang Xin correspondent) using SMS bulk, sending about 100000 messages a day.A few days ago, Xicheng police busted 5 mobile phone SMS bulk dens, 8 suspects have been detained.
Suspects Xu graduated from Wuhan university.Xu Mou is explained, at the beginning of 2009, have clients looking for his help with the short message way promotion game.Subsequently,Christian Louboutin Outlet, Xu He colleagues spent 1000 yuan, buy 8 mass message, and to buy ordinary mobile phone card, inserted in the mass, to provide customers with member phone bulk, sometimes one day can send about 100000 messages.

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Men will be neighbors into well alive witnesses from ruin was qu

The poor the dead buried in the well the reporter Tan Zhibin reports / oxygen dispatch of our newspaper Baicheng massacre was a drunken quarrel between the parties .The suspect high vibration and fury, a man named Gao Guangyu in oneself courtyard in the dirty water ,and with bricks ,stones and other debris fill the wells .
Gao Guangyu hit well ,high vibration and by the Baicheng city of Procuratorate approved the arrest on suspicion of the crime of intentional homicide .Originally simple and clear case for two witnesses at the scene did not enough to prevent suspects murder victim and managed to save lives and caused a legal dispute .
In yesterday ,have questioned the public witness from ruin behavior and accomplice is ,but respondents lawyer expresses ,blame can only stay in the moral level, held from ruin criminal responsibility according to law .
Drunken quarrel men brutally underground buried alive 40 yearshigh vibration and a Baicheng city Tiedong street at a cottage area ,Louboutin Pas cher,rely on bricklaying technology to make a living, has been associated with less than 20 year old son.
Gao Guangyu short stature ,solitary and high vibration and home house ,two people are neighbors ,usually have a good relationship ,Gao Guangyu occasionally to high vibration and home meal .
Reportedly ,the incident was in March 19th ,Gao Guangyu again in the high vibration and home breakfast .Later,Louboutin Pas Cher, high vibration and went over to the house next door playing mahjong .At noon ,Gao Guangyu found the mahjong table of high vibration and asked :you take my mobile phone ?Get a negative answer ,Gao Guangyu just said one sentence :night in your home you .
On the afternoon of the same day ,scattered office home high vibration and really met Gao Guangyu again ,two mobile phone business, high vibration and insisted that didn and went to the kitchen to cook .
They eat dinner together ,two people drink wine .After the meal, high vibration and with Gao Guangyu again for the mobile phone business dispute .In a fit of rage, high vibration and picked up the height of only 1.
5 meters ofGao Guangyu came to the hospital water nearby, called scold again ,I well .See you still stubborn, high vibration and throw Gao Guangyu into the well up within said: let bury you !Because Gao Guangyu did not give in, high vibration and break to mediate the son of a high and rent the high vibration and a younger neighbor Lee ,picked up in the thirty or forty bricks at the well, then use the ashes will be well filled, the whole process from ten minutes to twenty minutes .
Witnesses say due to fear of the early morning to alarm when the police received a report is the next morning ,the informant is rental high vibration and a younger neighbor lee .Li Mou says, he witnessed the high vibration and with Gao Guangyu in the courtyard in the fight, Gao Guangyu will be thrown into the dirty water buried process .
Li sth after accept judicial investigation says ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,March 19th, about five thirty in the afternoon ,he was in the hospital to see Gao high vibration and Gao Guangyu because the mobile phone argument, when Gao Zhenhe picked up Gao Guangyu to the edge of the well away, he and Gao Zhenhe a thought to be kidding ,follow at the back watch .
High vibration and say let it threw him out of the well to talk ,Louboutin Outlet,Gao Guangyu said no I did not hear ,I went back to my side room rental .Li Mou says, he stayed in the house for two or three minutes ,and goes to Gao Zhenhe ,did not see Gao Guangyu ,asked people where to go to, high vibration and answered was thrown in the well ,and went to the yard .
In the yard, I saw a high vibration and are usually pressed sauerkraut cylinder stone well to throw ,then quickly and Gao Zhenhe Gao Zhenhe hold ,Louboutin,do not let him throw stones .Lee said ,at this time the first stone has been thrown down, he went down with a glance at ,see Gao Guangyu is really in the well ,his face ,hands and feet are curled up in the chest .
With Lee then the high vibration and advised also advised not to pull ,not live ,he can pick up what went well throw something ,dirty water was almost filled with ashes ,high vibration and the well filled .
scared ,high vibration and was put in the hands of the spade aside ,asked me to tell him to play mahjong ,I said no money ,he lent me 100 dollars .Lee said ,that night, he and Gao Zhenhe in a mahjong table play until eleven thirty at night .
Return to live in their own wing ,at Gao Zhenhe off the lamp ,only then secretly went to the outside telephone alarm .The process of another witness high Mou says, he and Lee had dissuaded father and vibration ,but to no effect .
Seeing the high vibration and wellhead filled, he went back to the room to sleep .Residents questioned is from ruin .yesterday morning ,the reporter found once for the crime scene of high vibration and home .
After more than a month ,Gao has locked the door ,to house air .Neighbors told the reporters ,the son of a high vibration and high at the left the house ,rental Wing Lee also removed ,not dare to live .
In Gao yard ,the reporter saw the export of dirty water ,well depth is approximately two meters in diameter ,the wellhead meters ,also beside the stacked bricks .Hear the reporter interview ,became more and more people in the hutong .
Some residents said ,high vibration and usually looks very good, bricklaying craft or the murder happened ,let everybody shocked not small . Two men to pull a person ?There are residents surveyed said they heard about the process ,after the event ,if Lee and a high at the site to prevent high mode and behavior ,or to save Gao Guangyu from the underground ,even if the earlier call the police ,Gao Guangyu may not die .
From this perspective ,the two witnesses from ruin behavior and accomplice is .Jilin Jinhui law firm Tang Changchun lawyers according to reporters about the case representation ,residents questioned two witnesses from ruin as excusable ,but condemned only stay on the moral level ,but the bottom line of morality and law ,is not a generalization of the moral ,to investigate its criminal responsibility has no legal basis .
From criminal liability that ,even before the discovery of two witnesses shields or assist suspect murder plot ,but residents said from ruin behavior ,does not belong to the application of the criminal law adjustment category .
The lawyer said Tang Changchun ,on this case ,whether from the civil level for witnesses prevent ineffective responsibility to investigate .It is understood ,in this case the victim Gao Guangyu identified as mechanical asphyxia ,high vibration and on after the incident was the police punishment .
Reporters yesterday from Baicheng city was informed of the procuratorate ,high vibration and the suspicion of intentional homicide has recently been approved the arrest .The newspaper news ( reporter Wang Qiushi ) the driver Zhang drove banged Huang man ,the first car but did not timely treatment of the wounded to death ,Huang man .
On May 6th, the Fangshan court Zhang traffic accident ,the family of the deceased that Huang man had brought ,and Zhang in conflict ,by the judge and the bailiff in time to stop .The day before yesterday morning ,Huang man ,two daughters and a son as the plaintiff criminal incidental civil .
Zhang Gang is brought to court ,a black bag suddenly flew fell on him ,the original yellow old daughter throw ,followed by Huang man several family members rushed forward to Zhang ,hurried to court of law enforcement officers to maintain order .
At this time, Zhang and the wife does not do, immediately with the yellow man quarrel ,both sides even tear together .In order to avoid the scene out of control ,the judge gavel sounded temporarily adjourned ,Zhang first led out of the courtroom ,and both sides were urged .
The mood is calm enough to sit again .During the trial ,Zhang said ,after the incident ,he will Huang man into the street lawn ,Huang man said at the time that the body is not a big problem ,he looked at the old man was clear no alarm .
Both parties are private, he also left a phone to contact your old man .He later rush repair ,see Huang man has nothing left . I have not received his call ,I didn was dead .In June 4th, Zhang to Zhoukoudian station to surrender .
Listen to the story of Zhang ,Huang man sat in the gallery .They think ,Huang man was Zhang delayed treatment of the cause of death, Huang man was found in the junkyard ,Zhang is pulled away by .
They therefore includes compensation for death ,funeral expenses ,salvage fees and other fees were 600000 yuan. Judge me for so many years I have recognized .Finally, Zhang pleaded guilty ,he said ,his car insurance ,there is no need to escape ,but he left did get a yellow old man agreed ,but until now say what also say not clear ,everything is too late .
&gt ;&gt ;case playback according to the prosecution allegations ,at noon on May 29, 2009 ,Zhang driving Songhua River small passenger car on a Fangshan District highway to exceed ,Huang man driving electric tricycle ,crashed into a tricycle rear ,Huang man from trishaws fall injuries .
Thereafter ,Zhang Huang man to lift your own car ,but because of the wrecked car doesn Zhang repair yourself not repaired ,then Huang man moved off .Two hours later ,Zhang met a passing car and their drag truck repair station repair ,the yellow man at the scene .

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Zombie mobile phone the ten classical philosophy o

Studio. relationresultTogether to createa high quality of life ,welcome to watch weekly quality reports .You may have read this thriller movie ,people are bitten by zombies ,will become a zombie to bite someone else .
Nowadays, in real life, the emergence of a new type of mobile phone virus infection with this virus ,once the mobile phone ,mobile phone becomes a zombie virus via SMS ,mobile phone and other channels ,slip your friends ,colleagues and other people around the mobile phone had all become zombies ,and ,Louboutin Pas Cher,also not easy for main aware of .
When your mobile phone into a zombie mobile phone ,it will be manipulated to spend your money to help others send a message .How is this a matter ,we see the reporter investigation .relationresult relationresultAbstract subtitles &nbsp of Henan province ;Xinxiang City , relationresultHenanprovince Xinxiang city mobile phone users Lee shortly before accidentally discovered a strange thing .
He did not send text messages, phone list has to send the message fee records .relationresult relationresult during the same period in Henan province Xinxiang City mobile phone user Li , relationresultThere are a lot ofnumber is I do not know ,and there is the small hours of the morning ,and three or four, how can I be this time to send messages to your friends .
relationresult relationresultAbstract , relationresultCoincidentally,Beijing Ms. Wang also encountered similar weirdness .relationresult relationresult mobile phone users in Beijing during &nbsp ;Wang , relationresultI havea particularly good with me a shop girl ,call me, say that you do in the middle of the night ,send messages ,and then recommend the game .
relationresult relationresultAbstract , relationresultWang told reporters,arguably ,mobile phone information folder and communication record information to send records should be consistent ,however ,her mobile phone display message sending record has great difference .
relationresult relationresult mobile phone users in Beijing during &nbsp ;Wang , relationresultTome it ( information folder ) has sent the information inside, did not find the .Communication record with this transmission records ,except to say I these friends there are few ,and I don know what number ,it is not clear .
I ( want to ) play 10086 ask about it,ask the operator ,playing the past people say this ,you may be poisoning .relationresult relationresultAbstract , relationresultThen,in the end this is kind of what kind of mobile phone virus ?Ms.
Wang is devoted to a mobile phone security company for help .relationresultProfessionalstaff in Ms Wang mobile phone to do a careful examination revealed in the mobile phone ,the mobile phone for safe application software, hiding a little plug-in ,and this small software appear small plug-in ,is actually a kind of mobile phone virus .
relationresult relationresultearlier technical personnel , relationresultThis kind ofmobile phone and mobile phone virus is safe this mobile phone application software bundle in a block ,mobile phone users to download and install the once bound virus software ,mobile phone also imperceptibly poisoning ,in the mobile phone virus ,first will be the mobile phone SIM card identification and preparation of information uploaded to the hacker control server ,then the hacker can use the server of mobile phone ,mobile phone to control any number to send any contents of the message .
relationresult relationresultAbstract , relationresultAfter expert analysisalso found ,Ms. Wang mobile phone of this virus also has a rare and aggressive ,will quietly send SMS to attack other mobile phone ,send out some of the message link inside ,is in possession of the virus ,once other people receive a message, click the link ,will be installed on similar virus .
Moreover, the mobile phone was going to attack other mobile phone .relationresultsubtitles Zou Shihong: Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications State Key Laboratory of networking and switching associate professor ,engaged in mobile phone safety research for many years .
relationresult relationresult at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications State Key Laboratory of networking and switching associate professor Zou Shihong &nbsp ;relationresultAsan analogy ,in the mobile phone is a mobile phone virus zombie ,it will be in accordance with the hacker means ,secretly send out with viral link message ,will quietly to your colleagues ,friends and other people around the mobile phone has become a zombie mobile phone ,and these new zombie mobile phone ,and others will be mobile phone and then into a zombie mobile phone update .
relationresult relationresultAbstract , relationresultHe told the reporters:a zombie mobile phone if 100 peoplemade the poison message ,which once had 30 hitsto install a virus ,then added 30 newzombie mobile phone ,then the 30 newzombie mobile phone ,will be used to develop more down to the level of the zombie group .
Each zombie mobile phone single infection 30mobile phoneto calculate, just a zombie mobile phone virus after four rounds after transmission, there will be more than 810000 mobile phonemobile phone becomes a zombie .
relationresult relationresult at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications State Key Laboratory of networking and switching associate professor Zou Shihong &nbsp ;relationresultThe spread of the viruscharacteristics is somewhat like a pyramid scheme, the level of infection level, time is longer ,the infected mobile phone is more, being in control of the mobile phone is more also ,it presents the exponential explosion .
relationresult relationresultAbstract , relationresultAccording to the Beijinga professional mobile phone security company monitoring study found that mobile phone virus zombie ,increasing varieties, end at present ,have detected such zombie mobile phone virus has more than 10 ,formed a small zombie mobile phone virus group .
relationresult relationresultAbstract , relationresultNational Computer Network Emergency Response CoordinationCenter in mobile Internet environment monitoring process, also have noticed that the mobile phone virus group active zombie .
Monitoring showed that ,in the zombie mobile phone virus varieties increased, zombie mobile phone scale also is expanding quickly, and has formed large-scale virus transmission situation ,become the mobile Internet a huge security risks .
relationresult relationresultearlier National Internet Emergency Operation Center Director of the Department of Zhou Yonglin , relationresultWemonitored by this discovery ,find the country in a week ,the first week of September we found nearly one million mobile phone infected with the virus ,scale is very large .
relationresult relationresultStudio.relationresultEvery day weused in the mobile phone ,it may be someone secretly control the zombie mobile phone ,takes your calls, and damages to other people ,especially the acquaintance of mobile phone and mobile phone ,also be live in a drum machine !We can ,there have been so many zombie mobile phone ,and its scale is still expanding ,then ,zombie mobile phone virus creators and disseminators who in the end ?Why do they have to create and disseminate such mobile phone virus ?relationresult relationresultAbstract , relationresultProfessional organizations on thezombie mobile phone virus sample research and analysis results show that ,at present, this kind of virus transmission mechanism mainly has two kinds :one is using the SMS with the download link in the form of communication ;a is tied ,or disguised as a normal mobile phone software to lure users to download and install .
relationresultWang tells a reporter,at first, she is because of the use of mobile phone in a web site Forum Download and install a mobile phone insurance box application software ,and a virus ,making her mobile phone mobile phone become zombies .
relationresultReporter noted,the mobile phone insurance box application software attribute display is a wonderful science and technology limited production of chengdu .However ,the company said ,they will not put the software on the forums on the web site promotion .
relationresult relationresultearlier Chengdu wonderful science and technology limited company product development department of &nbsp ;&nbsp ;Zhang Jiawen &nbsp ;relationresultSoftwareis no problem .
Some users will publish in the above ,this we may not be able to stop him (not released ) .relationresult relationresultAbstract , relationresultAccording to reportersthe company presentation pathways ,download the normal mobile phone insurance box application software packages ,and invites the professional and technical personnel take it and possession of the mobile phone virus safe software package for comparison .
relationresult relationresult during the same period of professional and technical personnel , relationresultThe two data packetson the surface they are as like as two peas ,this package is 348KB,this is a download from the official website of a normal packet .
But the package we can see it is 458KB,this is the mobile phone users from the forum to download a package .We can see a packet structure of a commonly used software to see ,we can see that this place has a mobile phone insurance box procedure, this place has a ;Maps&nbsp ;plug ,we can open the account have a look ,this the name is Nokia-ox20030C77.
exe exe is what we call the mobile phone zombie virus .This package is a normal mobile phone insurance box procedure .Can see that it is a single package .relationresult relationresultAbstract , relationresultExpert introduction,mobile phone users without professional tools ,it is difficult to find software package size differences between ,it is impossible to distinguish the download package hidden zombie mobile phone virus .
relationresultA further investigationfound that ,on one hand ,mobile phone users are often very difficult to discern whether the independent software hidden virus ,on the other hand ,in order to tracing the spread of mobile phone virus culprit ,also is not an easy thing .
Because the Internet is an open environment ,whether the computer Internet ,mobile Internet ,mobile phone software allows mobile phone users to provide download sites meet the eye everywhere .
At the same time, there are a large number of BBS and the Internet space ,users can upload software for .That is to say ,as long as knowing the network knowledge, easily can be bundled with virus software package onto the Internet for people to download .
relationresult relationresult at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications information security center, &nbsp ;&nbsp &nbsp ;&nbsp Xin Yang ;relationresultIfyou only to find out in the end that the initiator of evil or the culprit, so you have to keep track of its IP address ,so in fact the person he pass this software ,use the IP address ,he can use many ways to use ,as well as dynamic ,and through NET conversion, so it is difficult for you to find his real IP address ,so despite the fact that in a lot of some of the IP tracing technique, but actually you have to finish the job ,it will waste a lot of manpower and material resources ,and even impossible .
relationresult relationresultAbstract , relationresultThis means that,according to the existing conditions ,it is difficult to identify the initial who spread the zombie mobile phone virus .
relationresultInthe reporter in times of trouble ,mobile phone security experts in the zombie mobile phone send some messages for content analysis found that, a part of SMS with virus download link content ,there are a number of SMS is very special .
relationresult relationresult &nbsp technical staff over the same period ;relationresultThis iswe extract a text message ,messages can see there is a link ,click on this link ,to a software download section ,after the analysis ,we know that this software is normal ,and not tied to any virus .
relationresult relationresultAbstract , relationresultThat is to say,in addition to sending zombies mobile phone virus information, will send a mobile phone software advertising information .
relationresult relationresult at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications State Key Laboratory of networking and switching associate professor Zou Shihong &nbsp ;relationresultFrom 2004thefirst mobile phone virus since, mobile phone virus emerge in an endless stream ,infected mobile phone or use function was destroyed ,either by the malicious deduction ,or stolen user privacy ,or mad ,mad SMS MMS ,consume a large amount of charges ,but like a zombie mobile phone virus by hacking into the scale control to send advertising messages ,or was found for the first time .
relationresult relationresultAbstract , relationresultChinacriminal law 286th article,intentionally making ,dissemination of computer viruses ,affect the normal operation of the computer system ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,if the consequences are serious, formed destroy blame of computer information system .
In 2000 promulgated theNational People the provisions of article first ,the computer viruses object expand into the computer system and communication network .That is to say ,deliberately making and spreading computer viruses or mobile phone virus ,belong to illegal behavior .
relationresultThen,a regular mobile phone application software through mobile phone messages promoting zombie why illegal way to do promotion ?relationresultAccording to reporterszombie mobile phone send happy to listen to the name of the software ,search and online links to the software customer service staff ,the other told reporters ,from unfamiliar mobile phone number sent messages to promote the software ,it is their company ,but not their own in this way of promotion .
relationresultAccording to asenior industry sources ,mobile phone application service provider provides software ,games and other services ,usually through the channel promotion to push advertising, expansion of sales and marketing .
relationresultHe introduced,using bulk SMS promotion cost and earnings ratio to reach at least 1 than2havecommercial value .According to the conventional short message way ,a mass text messages for the cost of 3 cents to5 cents,and the channel to promote a minimum mass 100000 messages,software enterprises advertisers a day to spend at least 3000 yuancost .
While the 100000 bulk SMSdownload conversion rate ,or the user operation conversion rate ,usually in about 3%, is only 3000 users to generateoperant behavior ,can give the mobile phone application service enterprises to bring 1 days6000 yuanwater income .
Channels to promote the commercial virus bulk SMS promotion ,income will be increased to 10 times ,mobile phone software advertisers daily income can achieve 60000 yuan .relationresult relationresult the personage inside course of study period , relationresultIf a user,received later ,he launched his virus ,he went to his own communication book and send 10.
You this is so, you actually sent 100000 text messages,and then multiplied by 10 is1000000,one million of the users can receive ,you have a mass of the advertisement ,the way to virus ,then 10 times,6000into60000(Yuan water income ) ,which is the industry inside ,in the channel marketing inside ,more willing to often use .
relationresult relationresultAbstract , relationresultNational Computer Network Emergency Response CoordinationCenter data shows ,end this year in 9 at the beginning of the month,China Zombie mobile phone at least have more than 1000000 department.
Mobile phone mobile phone security expert for a zombie sample analysis, each zombie mobile phone at least send a daily average of 20 text messages,1000000zombiemobile phone every day will be sending at least 20000000 messages,each message sending cost is 0.
1 yuan,which means that every mobile phone user ,consumed zombie calls exceed 2000000 yuan.relationresultReporter noted that,despite the mobile telecom operators such as the mobile phone virus incident accordingly launched a series of initiatives ,including from the network side carries out filtration interception ,as mobile phone poisoning users to provide technical solutions ,however ,mobile phone virus is still impossible to guard against potential .
In the profit driven, zombie mobile phone virus maker as in the past to secretly to enhance the ability of the virus to escape zombie mobile phone ,telecom operators and mobile phone security software is chased intercept .
Professionals study found ,there is a zombie mobile phone virus new variants ,it is only in the user mobile phone lock machine ,lock the keyboard ,it is not any mobile phone operation start the virus program ,send messages ,or the background network ,the user can hardly aware of virus what .
relationresult relationresult at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications State Key Laboratory of networking and switching associate professor Zou Shihong &nbsp ;relationresultThe latestmobile phone virus variants of its zombie for telecom operators of the short message of the restrictions, made some improvements, before, he once sent hundreds of short message causes the user mobile phone number to be shut down ,but also easy for users to find ,now he becomes this slow transmission ,once only a three ,five hardly detectable by a user ,it is difficult to be carriers found .
relationresult relationresultAbstract , relationresult &nbsp ;&nbsp ;in fact ,mobile phone virus is rampant ,more serious is ,Internet and computer viruses, mobile phone virus itself more and more in the direction of intelligence development ,bring more serious harm .
relationresult relationresult at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Information Security Center Dr. Xin Yang &nbsp ;relationresultThe latestdata show that ,during the first half of this year ,mobile phone virus species ,has reached more than 1600 kinds of .
Expected full-year mobile phone virus species, will reach 2400 a variety of,at present, mobile phone virus update fast ,function strong ,hidden strong ,anti police kill ability is high ,the hitherto unknown .
Many mobile phone virus even kill mobile phone virus software to kill .Their ability of self protection is more and more high .relationresult relationresultStudio.relationresultMobile phoneis becoming more and more powerful ,the use of more convenient, the mobile phone also more and more depends on the .
So the virus publisher to stare at the hands of the people and the mobile phone ,Louboutin,mobile phone virus because of its strong concealment ,variants of speed and other characteristics, let mobile phone user impossible to guard against ,to bring all of the security threats are increasing .
Much more worrying is ,according to today to find out the mobile phone virus spreader is difficult .Therefore ,the relevant regulatory authorities should increase pair of mobile phone virus of network supervision, at the technical level and the means of supervision and other aspects of practical and feasible measures ,for the majority of mobile phone users to create a green safe mobile Internet environment ,let mobile phone better for our harmonious living services .
Well ,thanks for watching weekly quality reports ,same time next week .relationresult1once upon a time,there are two hungry elderly people has been a gift: a fishing rod and a basket of live fish .
Among them, a person in a fish basket ,another person to a rod ,and they part company each going his own way .Where the person gets the fish with dry pitched bonfire to cook up a fish ,he eat like wolves and tigers ,no taste of fresh fish meat aroma ,suddenly ,even fish soup with was that he ate up all the ,before long, he starved to death in the empty creel .
Another one is carrying rod to starve ,step by step hard to the edge ,but when he has not seen the blue sea ,he was the last bit of strength and make out, he could only look strip endless regret .
Two more people hungry ,they are also elderly gift of a fishing rod and a fish basket .But they did not go their separate ways ,but agreed to work together to find the sea ,they only cook a fish ,they passed the distant journey,Christian Louboutin Pas cher, came to the sea ,from now on, two people started fishing days ,a few years later ,they built the house, have their own family ,children ,with they built boats ,live a happiness and goog health life .
A person only the immediate interests ,will eventually get the joy was short-lived ;a lofty goal ,but also to face the reality of life .Only the ideal and the reality combine ,could become a successful person .
Sometimes ,a simple truth ,but enough to give people inspiration life express volumes .The 2 one scholar thirdexamination to Beijing ,living in a regular live shop .Two days before the exam, he had three dreams ,a dream is a dream oneself in the wall of Chinese cabbage, second dream is a rainy day ,he wore hats also hold up an umbrella ,third dream is a dream with a beloved cousin to strip off the dress to lie down together ,but the back to back .
This dream seems to have three deep ,Louboutin Pas cher,show the very next day her fortune went to the dream .A fortune-telling, lianpai thigh said :you still come home .You see, the wall grow vegetables not in vain ?Dai Douli did not make an unnecessary move umbrella ?With cousin took off all lie on a bed ,but back to back ,not gone ?The scholar listens ,downhearted ,back pack up and prepare to go home .
The shop owner is very strange ,ask :is not until tomorrow exam ,today you how to ?Said a scholar and so it goes ,the music shop owner :Yo ,I would dream .I think ,this time you must stay .
You see, the dish is not high ?Dai Douli umbrella not you be prepared against want this ?With your cousin strip back by lying in bed ,not you turn it up? One scholar ,a more reasonable, thus encouraging the spirit to take the exam ,even in a third overall .
Positive people ,like the sun ,according to my pleasure bright ,negative people ,like the moon ,the first fifteen are not the same .The idea of a decision of our lives ,what kind of idea ,have what kind of future .
3 in a small village,under a very heavy rain ,floods submerged the whole village began ,a priest in the church to pray ,see the flood he has a knee knees .Lifeguard driving a sampan came to the church ,and the priest said: ,quickly come up !Otherwise the flood will drown you !The priest said: !I am convinced that God would save me ,you go to save others .
Shortly afterwards ,the floods have father ,the priest stood on the altar of choice .At this time, and a police speedboat drove over ,with the priest said: ,come up quickly ,or you !God the father said :no, I want to keep my church ,I believe that God will save me .
You better start to save others .After a while ,floods have submerged entire church ,the priest had to hold the top of the cross church .A helicopter flying over slowly ,after the pilot dropped a rope ladder shouting: ,fast up, this is the last chance, we do not want to see you be drowned by the flood !!The priest or strong-willed said :no, I want to keep my church !God will save me .
You better start to save others .God will be with me were !!Flood surge and come ,stubborn father drowned ... ... Father in heaven ,Louboutin Pas Cher,Louboutin,see God very angry after questioning :Lord, my life to dedicate himself to serve you ,trembling with fear ,why don rescue me ,Christian Louboutin Outlet!God said :how can I not save you? First ,I sent a sampan to rescue you ,you do not ,I think you are worried about the risk sampan ;second times, I sent a speedboat to go ,you or not; second time ,I question your guests ritual ,send a helicopter to rescue you ,you are unwilling to accept the results .
So ,I thought you wanted to hurry back to my side, can be good with me .In fact ,too many obstacles in life ,chiefly because of excessive stubbornness and ignorance caused by ignorance .At the time when others lend a helping hand ,don ,but we are also willing to reach out to ,help other people get on the busy !!!The 4 has a pair ofbrothers ,their home lives on the 80 floor.
One day they go home to travel ,found that building a power outage !Although they are carrying a large bag of luggage ,but it seems no other choice ,so the elder brother said ,we climb the stairs !Then ,they carried two big luggage began climbing the stairs .
Up to the 20 floor whenthey began to tired ,the brother says bag bag is too heavy ,as such, we put my bag here,Christian Louboutin Pas cher, after the electricity elevator to take .Then ,they put Li Fang on the 20 floor,more relaxed ,continue to climb .
They were laughing and talking to climb ,but good times don ,to 40 floor, two really tired .The thought of climb a half only ,two people begin to grouse each other ,accusing each other of not paying attention to the power cut announcement of the building ,will end up this way .
Noisy edge while they climb ,then climbed up to the 60 floor.The 60 buildings,they are so tired that they also did not have even affray effort .Brother to brother said ,we don ,climb it .Then they continue silently to climb a building, 80 floorto finally !Excitedly came to the door the brothers found their keys in the 20floor of thebag .
.. ... Someone says ,this story is actually the reflection of our life :before the age of 20, we live in the family ,the teacher expectations ,burdened with a lot of pressure ,weight ,they are not mature enough ,capacity is insufficient, so the action is unstable .
20 years later, leaving all the pressure ,unload the burden ,began to go to all lengths to pursue their dreams ,so happy after 20 years .But at the age of 40, find the youth ,can produce many regret and regret ,regret ,regret that started this ,complain about this ,jealous of the .
.. ... It spent 20 yearsin the complaint .At the age of 60, and found that life was not much ,and tell myself not to complain ,just cherish the rest of the day !Then quietly walked his years .
At the end of life ,only think of themselves as if something was not completed ... ... Originally, all our dreams are in 20 yearsof youth, also does not have enough time to finish ... ..
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So again and again three so many times ,the house is a little sunshine at all .Busy mom in the kitchen to see their strange move ,asked :what are you doing ?They replied :the room was too dark ,and we point to the sun so come .
Her mother smiled :as long as the windows open ,the sun come naturally ,so why should I? Tips :to open the closed doors of the heart ,the success of failure of the sun can dispel the dark .7 after the rain,a difficult spider to the wall has be reduced to fragments net crawled ,due to the damp walls, it climbed to a certain height ,it will fall off, it is time to climb ,time and again to fall .
.. ... The first person to see ,he heaved a sigh, automatic speaking :my life is not as this spider ?Bustling about and no income .Then ,he increasingly depressed .Second person to see, he said :This spider really stupid ,why not from the dry side and climbed up to look around the place ?I like it would be foolish .
Thus,Louboutin Pas cher, he becomes wise up .Third person to see, he was immediately spiders keep touching the spirit of war .Then ,he becomes strong .Tip: has the success of the mentality of those who can be found everywhere in the success of the force .
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This move is to let the human be startled at .The old man said :this shoe, no matter how expensive, for me has been useless ,if anyone can pick up a pair of shoes ,maybe he can wear it !Tip: successful at giving up 9ancient Chinese philosopherLao Tzu ,one day he pistol called to the bedside ,he opened his mouth with a finger inside the mouth, then ask the * * * * people what to see? The presence of numerous child no one can answer it .
Then I said to them :man with no teeth ,the tongue still is in should be hard but it is not long life ;tongue should be soft ,but stronger vitality .10 the old monk to bringmonk wandering ,when passers-by a river ;see a woman trying to cross the river ,but not too .
The old monk will take the initiative to back the woman the river ,and then down the woman ,and the young monk went on .The young monk way can not help wondering :how a master? To a woman back across the river ?A road ,a road to ,finally could not resist, saying :Master, you do ?How do you back a woman ?The old monk said: I was put down ,but you do not put !Enlightenment :gentleman ,I usually felt ;broad-minded ,open-minded ,failing to get up ,put it down, to always maintain a healthy mentality .
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Farmhouse woman was taken away by the police for m

Wang Huixia,an ordinary Shaanxi farm women ,was taken away by the police to questioning in more than 20 hours after death.Her unnatural death, let the farmhouse small courtyard is sad atmosphere ,also let relatives to embark on a long road to seek explanation .
In recent years ,the person involved in the public security organs of normal death incidents ,a test with the rule of fairness and transparency ,also affected the credibility of the law enforcement of public security organs .
To establish a set of operable unnatural death prevention mechanism ,imminent .The woman in December 11, 2009 9 when make,Shaanxi County Justice and Wang Huixia of villager of village of house of three or four person .
They made an enquiry ,took Wang Huixia and her husband Zhang Guixiang . To the person wearing the civilian clothes ,drives a white van .At home Wang Huixia high zhe recalls ,the other did not say what to do ,don leave any message, sends her away .
Gao Zhe hurried to the village brother-in-law ,told by aunt Li Xia .Li Xia immediately to his wife Wang Huixia called ,but no one answered . Until the very next day at 10 in the morning, yet none news .
In desperation ,Li Xia reported to the police ,local police station to two policemen, asking the situation at that time and made a record .In December 12th 16 when the left and right sides,a police car came to Wang Huixia .
Li Xia arrived, several people are home to turn things . I asked them what is ,they say is a Fuping County Public Security bureau .I asked ,my sister was away ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,until now there is no audio, is it right? Do you take? They say it is .
Li Xia said ,later that several people have asked Wang Huixia to have no heart disease ,but also to the village clinic repeatedly asked Wang Huixia has no history of heart disease .Until the day nineteen thirty ,justice and the village branch secretary at Li Xia ,said Wang Huixia in the Fuping County Public Security Bureau trial of death during the very next day ,ask family members to public security bureau .
According to police, Wang Huixia and Zhang Guixiang is suspected because of crime of disposal of stolen goods be taken away . Because Wang Huixia is the only woman ,interrogation in the office asked me, she later said that dizziness ,going to the toilet, in on the way to the bathroom is faint in the ground ,120to theevacuation to hospitals ,half an hour after rescue invalid death .
The time of death is the 12 daysaround two thirty in the afternoon .The cause of death on the sudden death of Wang Huixia ,his relatives a bolt from the blue ,on the death of Wang Huixia skeptical relatives asked to view the corpse .
On December 13th, at Fuping county hospital mortuary ,relatives to see Wang Huixia . Wrist Ankle has obvious ligature marks ,double lower limbs have obvious green wound and swelling ,back and waist bleeding ,and death .
Relatives think accordingly ,Wang Huixia death and torture to extract confessions related .A for view wrestling began .On December 15, 2009, Li Xia was informed ,afternoon in the hospital autopsy .
This is the second time we see the bodies ,found last saw leg injuries and bruising marks almost nothing ,only to see the very shallow a similar cut blood .In the autopsy scene ,relatives were told ,mechanical kills can be excluded, the visceral ,brain ,leg muscles to seal wounds ,waiting for the case analysis results ,the body was not worthy of preservation ,may be burned .
The wrist ,ankle ligature marks come from? Relatives asked . No skin injury ,do not know how to .Forensic replied . Two of the lateral crus of the blood stasis and green wound ,why did you disappear ?The relatives are required to form a written report ,give a reasonable explanation .
A month later ,autopsy results released :King Huixia department was suffering from primary cardiac sudden death ,emotional tension for the death of predisposing factors . Autopsy results not fair ,why we propose to doubt any explanation ?The relatives are considered illegal ,Fuping County Public Security Bureau is led to the death of Wang Huixia premise .
According to the relevant regulations ,the public security organ in its suspect ,must be suspect domicile ,issued by coercive summons ,and inform the suspect family and relatives . Fuping County Public Security Bureau personnel is not uniformed ,also did not produce any procedures will take people away .
Relatives deny that Wang Huixia had a history of heart disease . Just some slight anemia ,at the village clinic treatment for a few days .As it is the most crucial insider ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,was with Zhang Guixiang at the scene of more than 10 days later ,was for residential surveillance ,thereafter ,again also disappeared .
In the face of the relatives of the deceased are questioned ,Fuping County Police insisted that there is no torture to extract confessions problem .Fuping County Public Security Bureau in charge of the criminal investigation of deputy director Yang Kuanrang told the China Youth Daily reporter ,no torture to extract confessions ,and there is no question of compensation .
In the aftermath ,the police are willing to give the relatives of a fee ,because regardless of the cause ,after all, is the Public Security Bureau in the trial process of death .But with the death of the main problems is due to illness ,sudden death ,the public security organ does not bear the main responsibility,Louboutin Shoes, so economic compensation impossible according to state compensation standard .
Yang Kuan admitted that the case also has the flaw -- according to the regulations, bring people definitely should inform the local public security organ .For Wang Huixia leg wounds, Fuping police said his faint when a bump caused by ligature marks are printed ,wrist cuffs ,lip at the top of the red seal is rescued by doctors to pinch the people left .
In the trial, Zhang Guixiang said in a statement that Wang Huixia at the local railway hospital to see a heart disease ,will go home for the treatment of heart disease patient record information .
In the Fuping County Public Security Bureau ,the reporter saw on December 13th last year ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,for the first time to see the remains of the relatives of the photo ,Wang Huixia right side ,left leg mid slant and green mark .
In December 16th, the leg bruises crimson .Forensic think this change regularity .But the relatives of Wang Huixia insists ,the leg wound that the size of the palm ,is not to look ,because people have done processing .
Not the case since 3 many months ,Li Xia took Wang Huixia frequently played for Province ,city ,county departments at all levels ,hoping to have a statement .But due to lack of evidence, they even the hospital rescue records also cannot get ,get the view the hope is just days away .
At present, Fuping County Committee Organization County procuratorate and many other units involved in the joint investigation team, still not to the relatives of Wang Huixia served the cause of death of the survey results .
The reporter discovers in interview ,the process of law enforcement, the deaths of the case is not the case .The reporter through the Baidu Keywords Public Security Bureau death ,find out about 5700000 relatedwebpage .
The current legal provisions ,the suspect in custody conditions are low, the lack of judicial review and procedural constraints ,the investigation organ may be optionally the suspect in custody .
A legal expert analysis thinks ,the deaths of many complicated reasons ,interrogation scene without lawyers and videotape recordings, often resulting in interrogation scene reality can make nothing of it .
To this, some scholars put forward ,will guard the separated from the Public Security Bureau ,by the judicial administrative organs Management ,in order to solve the torture to extract confessions ,extended detention and other illegal investigation ,better protect the suspect rights and interests .
Many lessons need to sum up ,a pressing matter of the moment ,is introduced as soon as possible, a set of effective ,practical abnormal death prevention mechanism .Legal experts say .This year in March 26th, Chinese state councilor ,Minister of Public Security Meng Jianzhu in national public security organs Aimin exemplary advanced achievement seminar speech points out ,recently, some local occurred in abnormal deaths ,serious damage to the public security organs enforce the law .
Meng Jianzhu request ,the public security organs should draw profound lessons ,to strengthen the construction of law enforcement standardization ,carry out special projects ,and strengthen internal management ,and not by their own law enforcement and damage the dignity of the socialist legal system ,and not by force management problems affecting the party and government .
The Xi 29 March,reporter Sun Haihua Zhang Wei intern reporter Wang Junxiu Hangzhou city resident Wu Miaoquan recently in public security official auspices ,received 1000 yuan compensation for damage .
Although he and his neighbors in the years for demolition by playing a series of lawsuits has no results, but he sued the local Public Security Bureau in the house dismantlement administrative omission in a case of win, let him feel relieved .
Questioning the legitimacy of bureau of construction demolition residents sued in February 20, 2008 ,Zhejiang province Hangzhou City Construction Bureau of Xiaoshan district to the Xiaoshan Land Reserve Centre issued the license of demolishing houses ,agree on Chengxiang streets Meihua building community of village in city reconstruction .
A demolition permit record project land area of 225 mu.The implementation of demolition, relocation households were asked Xiaoshan District Construction Bureau construction projects to provide the documents of approval ,construction land planning permit ,state-owned land use right of approval documents ,plum building Chengzhongcun transformation project policy basis and other related units of documents and information, but the Construction Bureau has not provided .
So residents questioned the legitimacy of the demolition ,think Construction Bureau issued a demolition permit in violation of relevant state policies and laws and regulations .In May 13, 2008, he Xiangfa 11streetto the Xiaoshan District People court in administrative litigation ,a request to cancel a demolition permit .
In May 30, 2008, Xiaoshan District Construction Bureau to provide the court with the relocation behavior based on .But residents were found ,all documents to determine the land area there is great difference between the .
Xiaoshan district development and Reform Bureau project document is on 210 acres of land, construction land planning permit record is 172.2 acres,Zhejiang Provincial People expropriation of land is only 117.
342 acres ,the demolition plans and compensation scheme is 172.2 acres.Residents on the construction bureau provides evidence that challenged ,the demolition permit relevant content does not fill ,covers an area of or not, is a different legal provisions of the demolition permit .
And construction land planning permit of construction project approval documents ,lack of attachments and drawings ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,land area and a demolition permit discrepancies .On October 13, 2008, the Xiaoshan District People the case ,and in October 16th made the decision .
The court thinks ,demolition to provide evidence of form ,there is no standard exists in the content of the imperfections ,and demolition in the performance of housing demolition permits issued by statutory duties, in the process also has some flaw .
But the defects do not damage the legitimate rights and interests of demolition ,was rejected by side residents claim .On July 21,Louboutin, 2009, street to Hangzhou City Intermediate People .The lawyer Yuan Yulai proposed, in this case, issuing demolition permits behavior existence major problem .
Zhejiang City Housing Demolition Management Regulations are not explicitly provided for a demolition permit issued by which department ,saying only that the seat of city ,County Housing Units management department is responsible for .
Come nearly 10 years ,Yuan Yulai in the Hangzhou area agents a lot of land requisition relocation cases ,the applicable law is Hangzhou collective land expropriation Housing Units Management Ordinance ,Xiaoshan district also formulated the Xiaoshan District of commandeer collective land house demolition management implementation approach ,the two regulations are clearly defined ,for collective land expropriation and housing relocation departments departments .
Accordingly ,Yuan Yulai thinks ,plum building Chengzhongcun transformation project the Building Dismantlement License by the Xiaoshan District Construction Bureau issued ,the lack of legal basis .
On September 16th,Louboutin, the Hangzhou City Intermediate People court to make a ruling ,Louboutin Pas cher,discontinuance, reason is the street has the law questions of filing the application for reconsideration to the district government .
In Yuan Yulai lawyers ,the Hangzhou City Intermediate People without the need to stop the case ,can be made to withdraw a demolition permit ruling .However ,discontinuance, after all to be able to coordinate conditions .
Then ,11householdshave been expecting .Complaints from residents encounter cold treatment court sentenced the government accountability however ,village in city renovation project was not due to the lawsuit to stop ,the opposite has entered a stage of piling construction .
Piling the noise and vibration caused by serious impact on the street everyday life .On May 4, 2009, the residents to the Xiaoshan area of city administration and Law Enforcement Bureau ( hereinafter referred to as the Urban Management Bureau ) complaints ,timely stop the illegal behavior of construction demolition .
In May 12th, Urban Management Bureau reply : pile to construction of Xiaoshan District Construction Bureau agreed .Street view ,this response has no factual or legal basis .But ,even if Xiaoshan District Construction Bureau agreed to the construction ,the construction is illegal ,should also be in accordance with the law to stop .
In May 22nd, He Dong ,Wu of preoperative autologous blood ,Huang Angen 3 Streeton behalf of the Xiaoshan District Urban Management Bureau of non-performance of statutory duties on the grounds ,to the people of filing the application for reconsideration .
Xiaoshan District People after the receipt of the materials ,on 31 May 3householdsrepresentative issued a notice ,request to provide the proof it had asked the Xiaoshan District Urban Management Bureau of legal responsibility ,and the board did not fulfill the material ,overdue materials will be deemed to have waived the application for administrative reconsideration .
He Dong and others, the understanding, the project EIA approval ,has not obtained construction permits and construction permits ,belonging to illegal construction .Investigate and deal with illegal construction ,is the ex officio should perform their statutory duties, without turning to apply ,the application for administrative reconsideration on providing plum building Chengzhongcun transformation engineering petitions responses ,was enough to prove that Xiaoshan District Urban Management Bureau is aware of illegal behavior in the presence of .
Thus ,they ignored the notification materials .Thereafter ,Xiaoshan District People not to make a reconsideration decision .In August 13, 2009, three He Dong Street on behalf of the Xiaoshan district government delays the execution of the administrative reconsideration duties on the grounds ,to the Hangzhou City Intermediate People .
On October 16, 2009, the Hangzhou City Intermediate People court hearing of the case .On October 19th, the court concluded that the three people such as He Dong ,in the application for administrative reconsideration has to submit relevant evidence, Xiaoshan district government requested any material misconduct ,which belongs to the non-performance of statutory duties of administrative reconsideration .
The judgment of the court to order the defendant :Xiaoshan District People in the decision within 60 days of date of effect ,according to the He Dong application for administrative reconsideration ,the execution of the administrative reconsideration of statutory duties .
The public security police does not handle the relocation dispute court found not as a result of not with the demolition, relocation households 11householdsthat have different degrees of revenge ,air conditioning ,cable ,telephone ,electric lighting ,water pipes ,automotive ,outside the window ,mahjong machine ,toilet facilities and so on ,are often unknown person damage .
In April 20, 2009 ,22,appeared even a street gate two was poured on the faecal matter .The residents have more than 10 times to public security alarm ,but no results .Because some residents refused demolition ,plum building community once cut off water and electricity ,the residents had to find his own way connection .
April 1, 2008 morning 9 when make ,plum ,community policing team member Zhang Huaizhong et al in the removal of residents without installation of the lamp ,because the residents of Wu Miaoquan for this process photograph ,disputes between the two sides .
Wu Miaoquan in the pulling process and drop to the ground damage .Wu Miaoquan believed that camera is Zhang Huaizhong deliberately broken ,then to the Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of Xiaoshan District branch of the police .
On the same day at nine thirty-three in the morning ,the Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau in Xiaoshan District branch of the patrol car arrived at the scene ,and shall be filed ,confirming for intentional damage to property .
Hangzhou City Public Security Bureau of Xiaoshan District branch of the related personnel inquiries ,but failed to determine the cause of damage to the specific circumstances of camera .In November 16, 2008, Wu Miaoquan to the Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Xiaoshan District Branch Bureau of complaints ,the Zhang Huaizhong et al violations dealt with in accordance with the law ,but there has been no results .
In May 11, 2009, Wu Miaoquan to Xiaoshan district court proceedings ,request the court ordered the Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Xiaoshan District branch to perform duties .Xiaoshan District People ,Hangzhou City Public Security Bureau Xiaoshan District branch to perform statutory duties ;the board within the statutory time limit or not ,because the clues are not limited by ,in violation of the relevant regulations, overruled Wu Miaoquan .
Wu Miaoquan refuses to accept a judgment ,then filed an appeal .The Hangzhou City Intermediate People in the trial that ,Hangzhou City Public Security Bureau of Xiaoshan District branch of the case the corresponding investigation procedures have been completed ,the public security organ shall, according to the different circumstances of treatment .
But the Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Xiaoshan District branch in making the processing elements has been the basic case, beyond the statutory period of time for handling the case is dealt with in accordance with the law ,perform the duties of laziness is obviously improper ,the plaintiff sued the non-performance of statutory duties established .
On October 13, 2009, the Hangzhou City Intermediate People Court of Hangzhou City Public Security Bureau Xiaoshan District branch of the verdict within 60 days from the date of making treatment decisions .
The government in disputes in court has ruled as ,Public Security Bureau and district government losing ,bigger echo is caused in the local .Lawyer Yuan Yulai told reporters ,in land requisition in the case, the administrative organ lawsuit cases less ,which leads to contradiction ,residents have to choose to appeal for help .
The Hangzhou City Intermediate People court in the two decision ,let the street to taste the sweetness of the rational rights .Yuan Yu, I hope that two cases to get off to a good start ,Louboutin Outlet,from government departments enough take seriously,Louboutin, make the relocation dispute is able to solve ,to reduce and eliminate unnecessary petition .
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